Fan Mail From The Left

Fan Mail From The Left: For your amusement, here are a couple of angry emails I received from furious lefties after my “The Twenty Most Annoying Liberals In The United States For 2002” article spread near and far across the web. I can just imagine the veins popping out on their foreheads as they pounded out these hilarious emails…

“You Repugnicans hate liberals because we call your bluff and refuse to allow your lies and false accusations to go unanswered. You also hate us because we have exposed your racism, imperialistic attitudes, etc. We also lay out for the people the sorry voting records of Repugs in their desire to give everything to the rich. You are kind of getting away with it at the moment, but the country will not remain dormant forever. “Be sure your sins will find you out.” Rave and rant on! “Truth, crushed to earth, will rise again,” that is, if the war-mongering doesn’t bring about the final solution-Armageddon! No matter how evil you may be-lieve liberals to be, they can’t equal the venom and vituperation in your diatribe naming the most offensive liberals, many of whom are great Americans, unequalled by any Repug!



“You silly right-wing bible-thumping zealots really amuse me at times. Are you an angry white male, bitter and resentful that you weren’t there in Nazi Germany to trample on cultures you sought to deem inferior to yours? Does the Bush administration screening advisory panel candidates on idealogue sound right to you? Or does it sound like the Taliban? Does the fact that Gore won the overvote (a fact barely noted by any networks) strike you as fair and just relations? Does an American tank intentionally trampling two Korean girls, than having the driver tried by the army sound like justice? If so, you are truly a blathering, hallucinating idiot. Good thing idiots like you are going the way of the dinosaur.”

From the right, John Hawkins — a “war-monngering”, “imperialistic”, “bible-thumping “, “Repugnican” dinosaur — is signing off for a couple of hours =D — I need to use that time to help put up some barbed wire in one of John Ashcroft’s internment camps or to plan out our upcoming invasion of Europe — I forget which.

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