Fark Posters On The Military

Fark Posters On The Military: Fark is one of the best pages on the net, but their comments sections attracts more left-wing idiots than a Noam Chomsky rally. Here are a few of the comments from some Farkers in a thread called, “Send your thanks to the US Military.”

MC_500foot_Nietzsche: Anyone who risks their own life for Bush’s moronic personal vendetta are idiots.

Harmonia:Osama says

“thanks for missing me and recruiting lots of new members of my organisation, keep up the good work in 2003”

EmJSea: Dear Soldier/Soldierette,

Sarcastic: Thanks for being so homophobic and p*ssified that the thought of someone checking out your @ss in the showers makes you so scared that you can’t perform your duties.

Heartfelt: Thanks for getting in the way of bullets for me so that I can suck d*ck in relative comfort and enjoy films such as “Marine Barracks Gloryholes Parts 1-6” in relative comfort and security.

Speedyj: good luck in Iraq! Don’t kill *too* many innocent civilians while you’re out there risking your @ss for Bush’s oil.

Jochem: hope your death in Iraq will be quick and not painful.

If only we could get people like this as upset with the terrorists and the mass murdering dictators who support them as they are with the US military and the Bush administration, this would be a better planet.

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