Fark Takes On The Death Of Abu Ali

Fark Takes On The Death Of Abu Ali: Terrorist Abu Ali, who was thought to be involved with the USS Cole bombing, was sent straight to hell today along with 5 other al-Queda terrorists in Yemen. An unmanned Predator drone blew up the car he was in with a Hellfire missile and the only way they were able to identify Ali was by his, “leg, which was blown off in the blast and found nearby.” Of course, that is good news and lots of people on Fark had some entertaining things to say about it…

TurntableJedi: “I guess Al Qaeda desn’t have a leg to stand on now…aha. HAHA! *ahem*”

VegasVinnie: “Glad to see we’re getting a leg up on these terrorists…..”

PlastiqueJeebus: “Obligatory subthreads: 1. It was staged

2. It was a car full of nuns

3. Sen. Wellstone and family were in the car, trying to escape to tell the world they weren’t in that plane but kidnapped by Republican goons, had to be silenced”

Harryhausen: [Sarcastic Liberal Rant] OMG! We didn’t get UN approval before doing this!!!!!! OMG! What if they were apirin salesmen going to deliver baby formula to ill nourished Bedouin tribesmen!!!!!!! OMG! We need to understand why they flew those planes into the Pentagon and World Trade Center, not kill them! OMG! They are people too! [/End Sarcastic Liberal Rant]

Paradoxflux : “finally some good robot justice, soon america’s robot armies will fly above every nation on the earth. obey or suffer hellfire!”

Personally, I love the fact that we blew Ali up with a Hellfire missile. No Camp Gitmo, no trial, no muss, no fuss, just 6 dead terrorists in the desert. It’s nice to see the CIA earning their pay…

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