Fark’s Questions To Hillary

Fark’s Questions To Hillary: RWN reader Ibby Choudhry pointed me a hilarious post on Fark that reads as follows…

“Hillary Clinton is coming to Farker Panripster’s school. Help him think of questions to ask her.”

Here are some of my favorite replies before the quality of the thread dropped down to nothing….

Doctechnical: “Will you marry me, I’d like to become president”

Kr@t3r: “Speaking hypothetically who would you rather wake up next to: Bush or Gore?”

Rudezombie: “Will this administration ever bring the Hamburgler to justice?”

JackHandy: “Elizabeth Dole says she can kick your @ss, any comment?”

Captain_America: “do you feel it is your fault for not keeping bill satisfied enough?”

Marleymaniac: “How do you keep your horns from jutting through your forehead?”

Techmaniac: “If you come in contact with water, do you melt?”

Read all the hilarity and other assorted tasteless comments here.

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