Fashion Reporter Speaks for Old Media Well

I have to admit up front that I don’t give a flying fig about what anyone wears as long as it is appropriate to the setting. I mean, wearing flip flops in a visit to the White House is wrong, but wearing them on the beach is fine. Wearing shorts in front of a judge is disrespectful, but wearing them while bike riding is perfectly apropos. I am against t-shirts in Church, but, well, that’s the traditionalist in me. But, in general, I don’t care that Michelle Obama’s wardrobe is a bit, well, odd. I didn’t care at all about the President’s mom jeans, either. And if anyone judges by my own wardrobe, one would have to conclude that a fashion horse I’m not.

That being said, you must realize right off that 99 percent of what Amy Dufault, contributing writer to the Cape Cod Times had to say about the first couple’s wardrobe in their visit to Martha’s Vineyard was utterly meaningless to me. But her closing line is worth focusing on.

After spending several mind numbing paragraphs on what to and what not to wear and a turgid, slobbering section on how wonderful the writer thinks the angry Michelle is, we get to that ultimate line that seems to bespeak of the attitude of everyone in the sycophantic Old Media.

Whatever they wear, we promise not to go too hard.

Amusing, is it not? No matter what the first couple wear, “we promise not to go too hard.” That is the same attitude you see from most of the Old Media on just about anything the President and his never-been-proud-til-now wife have done for the last four years. No matter the lies that daily come out of Obama’s mouth, no matter the trillions he is putting us in debt, no matter that he is attempting a socialist re-engineering of our national fabric, the Old Media has promised “not to go too hard” on them.

Dozens of broken campaign promises?

“We promise not to go too hard.”

Apologies for that rotten ol’ U.S.A. everywhere he goes?

“We promise not to go too hard.”

Lies abut keeping our insurance plans if we like them?

“We promise not to go too hard.”

Lies about stopping the practice of signing statements?

“We promise not to go too hard.”

Lies about 46 million that can’t get insurance?

“We promise not to go too hard.”

Well, it goes on and on. This man has been allowed to get away with lie after lie without the media saying a word about it. Fortunately, a few — and very few, indeed — are finally seeming about to wake up to the empty suit that they’ve been slavishly backing for so many years. But the honeymoon is still not over. The Old Media still loves them some Obammessiah.

After all…

“We promise not to go too hard.”

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