FDL Hysteria: Oh, Those Evil Cluster Bombs!

Well, I had an interesting, if somewhat pissed off sounding, post about AGW teed up, but, then I ran across the unhinged Left at Firedoglake

There’s more evidence today of Israeli use of cluster bombs, originally noted by Laura Doty at Oxdown. The Times of London features a photo in it’s coverage (see Gaza Conflict slide show) with the following description..

An artillery round sends out bomblets above Gaza City, which continues to be attacked by Israeli forces

So, let’s see: The post at FDL sources another post at FDL which sources another at FDL, which was sourcing one from a Palestinian in Gaza writing a blog. No actual other verification. And the link to the Times Of London slide show has no photo or description such as that posted. But, here we go!

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The use of cluster bombs – which have a large footprint when initially dropped and then remain a threat for decades – in a location like the Gaza Strip which is so packed with people is horrifying.

Now, for the record, the use of cluster bombs in heavily civilian areas is horrifying. Yeah, mass bombings were acceptable in World War II, but, they have gone out of fashion since. But, two points: First, there is no actual confirmation that the Israeli’s are using cluster munitions.

Second, cruise back through the archives at FDL, and see if you can find any post calling the random rockets shot into Israel by Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, or any other terrorist group being called “horrifying.” Heck, see if you can find a post which even takes the Palestinian groups to task for their launching of rockets into Israel, suicide bombings, or any of the other atrocities the Religion of Peace likes to engage in, targeting civilians on purpose!

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