Fisking Barbra Streisand

Fisking Barbra Streisand: Matt Drudge has posted a hilarious memo from Barbra Streisand to Dick Gephardt. You just have to see it to believe it…

DATE. September 25, 2002
TO: Congressman Dick Gebhardt
FROM Barbra Streisand/Margery Tabankin
RE. Take the Offense

As you know, Barbra Streisand is busy in rehearsals for the performance she’s giving on Sunday for the DCCC, so she asked me convey to you her feeling that it is time for the Democrats to get off the defensive and go on the offensive.

This is hilarious! Streisand didn’t even bother to write Gephardt herself, she handed it off to her assistant. That must of thrilled Gephardt almost as much as the fact that she spelled his name, “Gebhardt.”

“Naturally, Barbra’s not surprised to see the Bush administration evoke strong rhetoric about Democrats caring more about their own ‘special interests’ than protecting the security of the country. Of course, the Republicans will say anything they need to in order to accomplish their own political agenda. Barbra feels that the Democratic Leadership must not continue to take this lying down.”

Come on Dick, put the future of your party on the line in the 2002 elections based on what “Yentl” thinks.

“While the Republicans are shouting about the Democrats’ special interests, why are the Democrats not saying the same about the Republicans? How can we ignore the obvious influence on the Bush Administration of such special interests as the oil industry, the chemical companies, the logging industry, the defense contractors, the mining industry, and the automobile industry, just to name a few? Many of these industries, run by big Republican donors and insiders, clearly have much to gain if we go to war against Iraq. Barbra urges the Democrats to publicly convey this message to the American people.”

Yeah “Gebhardt”, why don’t you start ranting about how we’re really going to war in Iraq to promote the interests of the LOGGING INDUSTRY. Barbra will back you all the way….

While there are serious problems with Iraq and Saddam Hussein, Barbra feels that we can’t let this issue become a distraction from the country’s domestic problems and the President inability to fully dismantle the Al Queda network. Afterall, Sadam Hussein did not bomb the World Trade Center.

Don’t you love the contradictory advice Barbra has for “Gebhardt?” Don’t “take this lying down”, “publicly convey” the message that we’re going to Iraq so we can cut down their trees and build more cars. On the other hand, don’t let this “issue become a distraction from the country’s domestic problems.” That would be a neat political trick for “Gebhardt” to pull off wouldn’t it? The last line is just the best…

“Afterall, Sadam Hussein did not bomb the World Trade Center.”

…and Hitler didn’t bomb Pearl Harbor. But we took him out because we had to do it to win the war. Just like we have to take out the regimes that support terrorism to destroy the global terror network. Of course, you can’t expect Barbra to understand that sort of strategic thinking since she apparently believes that Bush should have already fully dismantled the al-Queda network. I can hear her now, “I can’t believe Bush hasn’t wiped out al-Queda in a year! I made entire movies in less time than that! Al Gore would have gotten it done already. He would have called those Al-Queda boys and given them a good talking to and that would have been that!”

Anyone else find it funny that a memo to “Gebhardt” got into the hands of the press so quickly? Do you think that maybe, just maybe, “Gebhardt” got offended by this memo and made sure it was released to the press because it made Streisand look like an idiot?

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