Fisking The Germans And The French In Eight Words Or Less

Fisking The Germans And The French In Eight Words Or Less: Ahem…here’s the link…let’s give it a go…

“GERMANY will use its power as incoming president of the UN Security Council to try to head off war with Iraq by asking the chief weapons inspectors to report twice in three weeks, The Times has learnt.”

That the best they can do?

“Berlin’s diplomatic move was launched as the allies’ simmering dispute over Iraq exploded into a heated row. The French and German leaders vowed to use all their influence to stop the war, while Washington and London fumed that efforts to disarm President Saddam Hussein were being undermined at a critical stage. Behind the scenes ministers on both sides were involved in angry exchanges.”

Fortunately, they have no real influence.

“President Chirac confirmed the impression of a looming clash with Washington and London by announcing that he and the German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder had agreed a common stand on Iraq. “Any decision belongs to the UN Security Council and to it alone, speaking after having heard the report of the arms inspectors, in conformity with the resolutions it has adopted,” he said after a Franco-German Cabinet meeting in the Elysée Palace.”

On the wrong side of history…again.

“He (Chirac) had earlier told cheering Social Democrat supporters that he would not vote in favour of “a resolution that legitimises war”. Germany, which assumes the Security Council presidency in February, will either vote against a war-enabling resolution or abstain.”

They obviously planned this all along.

“The widening divisions poisoned relations between the allies and led to angry scenes at Nato, where France and Germany blocked a decision on whether to prepare support for America’s military build-up in the Gulf.”

Let France & Germany defend Europe. Forget Nato.

“(Colin Powell) said that comments by Joschka Fischer, the German Foreign Minister, had provoked him into warning the Security Council “not to be shocked into impotence because we are afraid of difficult choices”.

Impotent — that describes France & Germany well.


Back-stabbing huns who’re supplying Hussein’s weapons.


Cheese-eating surrender monkey sell-outs!

***Update***: The tag-line on a Fark headline about this subject says it all,

“Pre-emptive Surrender: French President Chirac says “war always means failure.”

“Pre-emptive surrender” — now that’s a great line…

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