Former RNC Chairman Pleads with GOP to “Rethink Immigration”

In a disgraceful show of pandering to Hispanics and stabbing Conservative principles in the back, former RNC Chairman Jim Nicholson suggests that the GOP start “reviewing their position on immigration”:

Former Republican National Committee Chair and Veterans Affairs Secretary Jim Nicholson spoke out on the GOP’s electoral challenges Friday, urging Republicans to reach out to Hispanic voters by reviewing their position on immigration. “We have to better inform and motivate and align with the Hispanic voters,” Nicholson said in an interview with Politico. “That’s one of the key issues that the party and its leaders need to convene and, you know, have a very open, transparent discussion about developing a party position on.”

“The Hispanic voters…in this country are center-right, more conservative, more family- and work-oriented people,” he said. “We have to overcome some of the predilections that they have about Republicans so that we get more of their votes.”

Let me start with the one area I agree with here, and that is outreach to various groups as a representative of the party, regardless if it is a minority group, gender specific, issue based or whatever the case may be.

It certainly makes sense that the party as a whole to interact with all different groups to educate THEM that voting Republican is in their best interests. But where Mr. Nicholson loses me is the statement that we review our position on immigration.

First off IMMIGRATION is not and has not been the problem. It’s ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, and until it is addressed as such, it will always be incorrectly described. But getting back to the main point, Nicholson is pretty much suggesting that we change our position to match that of the ever-growing and powerful Hispanic voting bloc, which to me is pandering. Also, if we take the same position as the Democrats on Amnesty, how are we the voice of opposition?

John McCain was for amnesty, I mean Comprehensive Immigration Reform, in fact it was HIS bill, how did he do in November? How did the grassroots react to the GOP pushing Amnesty in ’06-’07. Pro-Amnesty is a losing issue for the GOP.

The party should engage with whoever about like-minded issues, or educate that particular voting bloc on why WE differ on issues, rather then cave-in to them. This is just more elitist establishment BS that pretty much got us to this place to begin with.

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