FREEDOM! Freedom For Iran

All men are free. Regime leaders know this. This is why they use force to suppress the people. If the people realize they are free….the fight is over.

Freedom for the people of Iran. Freedom for all men.

Yes. I’m idealistic. Yes, I know attaining freedom is not simple. Often, blood is spilled. For the Iranian people, I wish them freedom from tyranny. I wish them peace. I wish them self-determination.

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Their brothers over the border in Iraq have it. Sure, it’s messy, but once a person has a taste of freedom…..domination by the government feels like it what it is: slavery.

So, love and prayers and solidarity with the people of Iran. You are not alone. The will of the world is on your side.

More from the Anchoress:

Emily Dickinson wrote:

Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul,
And sings the tune-without the words
And never stops at all…

How appropriate then, that the communications tool most responsible for keeping hope alive in shattered Iran is “a thing” called “Twitter,” and that the 140-character dispatches being sent and received by people in desperate straits are called “tweets.”

People are “tweeting” for their lives, and their messages are bold, frightened, determined and unbelievably moving. Students are sending out: “They are trapped in the dorms,” and “I cannot remain; I must participate.” They head off, unsure whether they are headed to a peaceful rally or a massacre, and they are not heard from for 18 hours; and people around the world -strangers- pray and wonder.

Indeed. The Twitter community has rallied where the officials in D.C. have dithered. Some have not been silent, though:

“The cause of American is freedom and in that cause, we must never be silent.” — @RepMikePence

I’ll give the last word to The Anchoress because she is so eloquent in the defense of Iran:

Pray for the people of Iran; pray for good to triumph. Pray for their safety, their fortitude, their energy, their “thing with feathers,” which is hope:

“…hope is not simply a feeling. Hope says, “awake, O Sleeper, arise from death!” Hope is the builder of bridges, the tamer of winds, the harnesser of ideas and possibilities. A poor man with hope is immeasurably richer than a wealthy man without it, because he carries within him the spark that can alight a thousand tomorrows.”

Freedom for the people.

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