French Favor Obama Over McCain 16 to 1

I’ll file this one under “Least Surprising News Stories” — since the “Extremely Compelling Reasons Not to Vote for Obama” folder is already overflowing. According to Gallop, the unfriendly French favor Obama over McCain by a 16 to 1 margin, despite having recently elected a right-of-center candidate to run their own country.

Gallop says that practically the whole world hopes America will inflict upon itself the crippling indignity of an Obama presidency. This is best explained by Machiavelli, who wrote that whenever a single strong state is surrounded by weak states, it is in the interest of the weak states to team up against it and drag it down.

There’s more than petty envy to the delight Europeans in particular take in America’s self-induced demise; they want to see us brought down to their mediocre socialist level. There’s no disputing that Obama is the man for the job.

Change they can believe in.

On a tip from NGWFJ. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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