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I feel like a lot of this week was spent recovering from the events of last week. However, July kicked off with it’s own share of drama.

Monday brought us the new Duke pedophile case. You know, the one you’ve really only heard about on Righty blogs.

From WRAL:

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On Monday, according to the affidavit, Det. Timothy Palchak of the Washington Metropolitan Police Department, chatted online with a person using the name “F.L.” Palchak said “F.L.” described specific sex acts he had performed on a 5-year-old child and said that he lived in Durham.

As I pointed out, the media usually jumps all over these cases. Three years later, we’re still hearing about the Duke lacrosse player case, in which three white lacrosse players were wrongly accused of raping a black woman. Why sweep this one under the rug? Because it involved a gay man. And the media like to bury stories that contain inconvenient truths.

Also on Monday came the Ricci ruling, in which the Supreme Court overturned Supreme Court Justice nominee Sonia Sotomayor’s ruling regarding discrimination against three white New Haven firefighters.

“The firefighters in New Haven who protect the public safety and worked hard for their promotions did not deserve to become victims of racial quotas, and the Supreme Court has now confirmed that they did not deserve to have their claims buried and thrown out by Judge Sotomayor.”

Later in the week, Inhofe declared that Cap and Tax was “dead in the water“… which is a lie. Way to keep lulling people into a false sense of security, Inhofe. This is not going to go down without a fight, and it’s not going to go down unless turncoat Republicans fear for their reelection upon casting a “yes” vote regarding the largest tax ever.

All in all, it was a pretty crappy week to be a Republican. McCain staffers still spend their time destroying Palin. The nearly 10,000 word Vanify Fair hit piece quoted even more “anonymous staffers” who seem intent on destroying one of the few people left in our party who are relatively solid. Are they really that scared of her? I’m not sure. I’ll spare you the entire article (unless you’re dying to read it, then you can find it here), but here’s a quote that pretty much sums it up:

Palin has shown herself to have remarkable gut instincts about raw politics, and she has seen openings where others did not. And she has the good fortune to have traction within a political party that is bereft of strong leadership, and whose rank and file often demands qualities other than knowledge, experience, and an understanding that facts are, as John Adams said, stubborn things. It is, at the moment, a party in which the loudest and most singular voices, not burdened by responsibility, wield disproportionate power.

Sadly enough, that’s not entirely false. And that’s why it stings. However, the tone of the article was nasty. And yet again, she takes hits as a result of being a woman. There’s those Lefty champions for all that is female! Glad they’re in my corner… or not.

Meanwhile, North Korea is still testing nukes. Just in case you forgot, they’re still threatening to blow up Hawaii sometime in the next 4 or 5 days.

SEOUL (Reuters) – North Korea test-fired two short-range missiles on Thursday, further stoking tension in the region that was already high due to Pyongyang’s nuclear test and threats to boost its nuclear arsenal in response to U.N. sanctions.

North Korea fired two surface-to-ship missiles off its east coast that flew about 100 km (60 miles) and splashed into the sea, a South Korean defense official said.

A South Korean daily said that the secretive North may also test fire mid-range missiles in a matter of days.

And then, back in the US, the Washington Post managed to discredit themselves further by completely pimping themselves out. So much for journalistic integrity. They later canceled the event in response to the massive uproar.

The offer — which essentially turns a news organization into a facilitator for private lobbyist-official encounters — is a new sign of the lengths to which news organizations will go to find revenue at a time when most newspapers are struggling for survival. And it’s a turn of the times that a lobbyist is scolding The Washington Post for its ethical practices.

Throw in Helen Thomas and Chip Reid’s meltdown on Robert Gibbs, and it was not a fun week for the media all in all.

So here we are on July 3rd. Y’all go enjoy your 4th of July! Find an Independence Day Tea Party to attend. Light fireworks. Grill out. And celebrate.

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