Friday the 13th: Sinking Into Stimulus Oblivion

I can’t help but think that had Republicans stuck with core principles during their time of unchecked power, America wouldn’t be where she is today.

The Republicans ruined their brand by these actions:

1. If you’re going to fight–beat the hell out of the opposition and get it over with. [Iraq, Afghanistan]
2. If you’re going to preach fiscal conservatism don’t spend like Imelda Marcos at a shoe store.
3. If you’re going to stand for the family don’t pass laws that hurt the family–making declaring bankruptcy harder, Kelo, etc.
4. If you’re making hard choices for the benefit of everyone, get in front of the camera and explain it.
5. If you’re going to be in the lead, stop reacting to Democrat plans and come up with good ideas and follow through on your own.
6. If you’re going to say national security is key, don’t let the southern border be a porous sponge leaking criminals and who knows who.

Congressmen killed the Republican brand by killing Social Security reform, not pushing through more conservative judges, etc. while they had the chance. They appeared weak and unworthy of leadership.

The President helped kill the Republican brand by rubber stamping bloated, pork-laden bills–‘course he needed money for the war efforts.

Still, if the Republicans in Congress are frustrated, they need only to look at themselves and sellouts like Collins, Snowe and Specter. They are just doing what they’ve always done and in the last eight years they were joined by more than a few other sellouts who put their personal political career over the benefit of the party as a whole and more importantly, the country. In short, they governed like mealy-mouthed versions of Democrats.

Democrats spend like thieves and are unapologetic doing so. Democrats cave to special interests because their party is one big conglomeration of special interests. Democrats behave immorally and with impunity because they believe they’re better than you and above the law. Democrats have no shame because you have to have a principle to violate that makes you feel shamed.

I don’t fault Democrats. That anyone believed them during the election season speaks to the voters desire for change so bad they’ll believe anything. Well, Republicans should be the real deal, but they haven’t been.

Rebuild. Rebrand. Renew commitment to core principles and people will come. But voters are wary and distrustful. And the recent capitulation by the three Republican pariahs does not give voters confidence that the Republicans are any smarter now.

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