From The Birthers, With Love!

Whether it’s smacking down 9/11 conspiracy theories, the North American Union, or the Birthers, the freaks really come out at night when you start poking holes in their theories.

In all fairness to the Birthers, I understand that there are intelligent people of good will, who simply don’t see eye to eye with me on whether Obama was born in the United States. Sometimes people, even people on the same side who see most issues the same way, just have to agree to disagree.

However, the kookier Birthers, I do have to make fun of — just a little bit. There were 543 comments on my Townhall piece, 3 Reasons To Stop Obsessing Over Obama’s Birth Certificate column, but this email that I received this morning may top them all in the entertaining looniness department (Emphasis in the original).

Mr. Dawkins –

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I am a Massachusetts teacher who wants my students to know the truth. I respect Gregg Jackson because he has the moral courage to stand up for the truth no matter where it leads. Tragically, doing so cost him his job as a talk-show host at Salem radio.

It is fair to ask you, Mr. Dawkins, if TownHall or any other organizations with whom you are associated have you under some kind of gag order.

In other words, is your job in jeopardy if you come out on the side of truth?

I suppose it IS possible that you really do believe that “image” on the internet is a real, authentic birth certificate. But it’s more likely that you are not that stupid. After all, seventh and eighth graders at my school are smart enough to see the truth when it is right in front of them.

Greg Sabine, teacher

Why, surely the sort of rational, sober person who would immediately guess that “Mr. Dawkins” is under some sort of wacky “gag order” — because I disagreed with his extraordinarily unlikely theory — couldn’t be prone to jumping to odd and illogical conclusions about Barack Obama’s birth certificate, could he?

Update #1: There was a follow-up email and it was so good that I just had to post it for you =D,

Mr. Hawkins –

Who has told you to drop the birth certificate scandal?

Obviously, if you are under such a free-speech “restriction” you cannot even answer me.

Or if you did answer me in the negative it may be a lie.

Either way, when a self-styled “conservative” turns his back on the truth something sure smells rotten.

Greg Sabine

I agree something’s rotten here, Mr. Sabine — it’s that you, a self-styled conservative have turned your back on the truth by buying into this idea that Barack Obama was born somewhere other than Hawaii. Who’s paying you to do it? Is it Rahm Emanuel? Kos? The Illuminati? George Bush, who probably wants to use this as a distraction to keep people from realizing that he’s still working to merge the United States, Mexico, and Canada? Well no matter, I’m on to your little scheme and the true conservatives and true patriots will make sure that you fail! (See? I have dealt with the crazies long enough to write Alex Jones’ whole website.)

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