He announces his post-National Review plans:

Starting over Inauguration Weekend, I’ll be launching a new website, It will be a group blog, featuring many different voices. Not all of them identify as conservatives or Republicans. But they – and people like them – are the people conservatives and Republicans need.
I hope we will debate policy as well as politics. I hope above all that we can create an online community that will be exciting and appealing to younger readers, a generation often repelled by today’s mainstream conservatism. . . . We will be experimenting with video commentaries – and offering a very much expanded “bookshelf” section.

Yadda, yadda, yadda. “Young readers . . . repelled by today’s mainstream conservatism” — they’re called Democrats, David. Surely he doesn’t plan to allow any “unpatriotic” types to contribute.

He doesn’t say who will be bankrolling his project, but another group blog — will Christopher Buckley, Ken Adelman, Kathleen Parker and Peggy Noonan be among those making it “exciting and appealing to younger readers”? — isn’t exactly the cutting edge of societal evolution. I already contribute to two group blogs (AmSpecBlog and RightWingNews), so I guess I’m ahead of the game here. Also, since he’s going for the younger readers, does this mean new competition for the Anne Hathaway cleavage market share?

(Cross-posted at The Other McCain.)

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