Gentlemen’s agreement?

Rank antisemitism, of the “back into the ovens” variety, is now officially unremarkable in the streets of liberal Western democracies.

Give Glenn Reynolds credit: Believe it or not, his running links to each publication of a column or blog item pointing out the gross Sturmer-ization of the world media about Israel — “It was the Zionists’ fault” and “The Oldest Hatred Lives” — make him almost unique among leading gentile commentators on this ugly reality. Even then, Glenn links mainly to articles by people who either are obviously Jewish or have, well, Jewish names at least.

Well? Well?

Where on earth are all our non-Jewish friends from the Ivy League? Where are those fellows we golf with so serenely in Westchester and Orange counties? How about a word from that nice chap we have coffee with in the faculty lounge and has that gig on NPR?

I don’t mean evangelical Christians. They’re good as gold on Israel, and on anti-semitism too. Most politically conservative Christians are. Jews can count on them for support at moments such as these. Only Jews who are religiously insecure bristle at this friendship.

But right now, as thousands of anti-semites take to the streets — our streets — and so many among them express, without fear of any political or social consequence, the most virulent genocidal fantasies, where are those non-Jews who will show us why Israel is not right to curl up into a ball and say to itself and the world: It’s true, no one else does care, there is no “Never Again,” there is only moral blackness and hate regarding the Jews, and for once and for all damn world opinion and let loose the real hell we still keep at bay?

It’s not a matter of agreeing with Israel’s policy.

It’s a matter of saying some ways of expressing disagreement are not acceptable here.

And that utilizing “those ways” — by invoking genocide favorably — tells us that opposition is not a matter of disagrement but of deep, vicious hatred?

Where are the fashionable non-Jewish voices who can always be counted on to condemn injustice, racism and genocide?

Where is the cream of the Democratic Party establishment, so gorged on Jewish liberal gelt, at this moment that so demands multicultural, multiracial condemnation?

Where is Obama?

Posted yesterday on Likelihood of Success, Ron Coleman’s pretty good blog.

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