GM To Add More Car Lines No One Will Buy

But, don’t say that the Obama administration is not telling Government Motors what to do. Not because that is incorrect, but, just because they don’t want you to say it

General Motors Corp will do the “heavy lifting” to help meet the ambitious goal set by President Barack Obama of having one million plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles on U.S. roads by 2015, a GM executive said on Tuesday.

Major automakers, including GM, have been ramping up plans for a range of electric-drive vehicles intended to meet sharply higher U.S. fuel economy standards and an expected increase in demand for more fuel efficient vehicles.

GM will launch the rechargeable Chevy Volt plug-in hybrid by the end of 2010 and plans to have a total of 14 hybrid models in production by 2012.

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GM has no choice in doing the “heavy lifting.” The government will force it to make these lines. And, 14 hybrid lines? How many lines do they make now? 20? 25? The profitable ones tended to be trucks and SUVs. So, we’ll end up having to subsidize GM basically forever.

Interestingly, as we go through all this, no one is asking the question “where is the power coming from?” Democrats will not allow new nuclear and coal plants to be built, so, we can expect the country to be like California, with rolling brown and black outs. And with more power being used, and the coming AGW legislation (more on that in a minute), we can expect to pay much more for electricity. Sounds like a great deal, right?

The Volt is expected to cost around $40,000. Federal tax incentives could bring the cost to consumers closer to $32,500.

So, more subsidies from Los Federales and the micro-mobile is still expensive to purchase. Not to mention maintain, because quite a few independent car service stations will not touch them. So, you pay more to go to a GM dealer.


Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives, urged on by President Barack Obama, announced progress on Tuesday toward quick passage of legislation to fight global warming by reducing industrial emissions of carbon dioxide.

At a midday White House press conference, Obama said the “hiphstoric” climate change bill moving through the House would “transform the way we produce and use energy in America.”

Translation: you’re power bills, followed by everything else, are going to skyrocket.

Is this the hopeNchange you voted for, independents? Perhaps you should have been paying attention in 2008.

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