God Save The Queen? God Save The British Homeowners Who Aren’t Allowed To Protect Themselves.

God Save The Queen? God Save The British Homeowners Who Aren’t Allowed To Protect Themselves: In Britain, the anti-gun, anti-victims rights loonies have gained such an upper hand that people can’t even defend their own homes. Listen to these three stories — they’ll make you angry…

“A retired man I know who lives in a village was recently awoken by the noise of his front door being smashed in. He got up, was confronted by four aggressive burglars and pressed the panic button on his alarm.

A very bright light was shone on him and he was threatened. When he tried to go downstairs he was sprayed with something that hurt his eyes. The burglars continued removing his furniture, safe in the knowledge that they would not be harmed.

The police were prompt, but too late. The scenes of crime people took two days to appear. They had 15 other break-ins to attend, mostly commercial properties, which, it seems, take priority over crimes in which people are threatened or attacked in their homes.

A neighbour of mine was similarly attacked, only this time it was broken bottles rather than spray and it took the police two hours to arrive from a town 30 miles distant. Another couple had their dogs sprayed and were forced back to their bedroom while the thugs completed their work.”

After the burglars were discovered, they even CONTINUED STEALING THE MAN’S property because they had no fear of being harmed. But what would have happened if these men had defended themselves? The article gives a couple of examples…

“On the one hand, Tony Martin was famously convicted for killing (by shooting in the back) a thief who had broken into his home. Another man was convicted for repeatedly stabbing a burglar who had broken into the flat in which he believed his children were sleeping.”

In America, burglars often won’t try to break into a house if they believe the occupant is there. You know why? Because the occupant may very well be armed and it’s not illegal to defend your home in the US. In many American homes, if four burglars walk into someone’s house armed with mace or bottles in an attempt to rob the place, their corpses will be carried out soon afterwards with sheets over their faces. That’s the way it is and that’s the way it should be. Your home is your castle and anyone who invades it without permission should be considered lucky to leave it any way other than feet first.

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