Going On A CrazyBlindDate — No, Really!

(Hawkins’s Note: My friend Elizabeth told me she was going on a date last night through a service called Crazyblinddate.com and I invited her to write it up for RWN — and she did. Of course, I also advised her to write her social security number on her arm, so they could identify the body if her random date from the internet turned out to be really crazy. I don’t think she did that, but I’m not sure =)

I hate dating – the anticipation, the awkwardness, outright confusion, forced laughs, quasi certainty. There’s nothing like feeling your table has sunk out of the restaurant and into a deep dark forest pit where even the keenest ears could not hear you say, “Get me out of here!”

But I wasn’t going to go through another election alone.

I’m sure many people in D.C. have made this resolution. I haven’t read any stories of lonely, late, work nights made later by the simple fact that, “it wasn’t like there was anyone to go home to,” but I’m sure they exist. If not somewhere in print or online, then in a cubby hole office deep in the Eisenhower Building, on the 5th floor of the World Bank, or at the posh law firm in Georgetown and I said such to my CrazyBlindDate last night.

As I had put in my facebook status momentarily the day after the election, it was 2012 or bust. I would either find someone or leave the town (with hopes of starting the Hawaiian arm of the David All Group. It isn’t that I don’t like D.C., it’s just the type of place where you know a lot of people who end up alone and as much as you appreciate them, you don’t want to necessarily be in such a political place without a great person to share the tales of the day.

After unsuccessfully asking a newfound, single friend out for drinks during the week of the election with no luck whatsoever, drastic measures were necessary. So, I did it. I signed up for Crazyblinddate.com.

I had heard of the site from a geek friend via Twitter and done my homework. I’d done the Match.com thing before with two decent successes. You don’t find a sea bigger than the internet, right? Time to find more fish.

So after canceling one potential date on Friday after a minor morning car accident, I knew I had to stare down Tuesday with renewed courage. The best part: I didn’t even know his name till about 24 hours before. They gave me a bit more information: He was a 24 year old law student, agnostic and I got a simple police description: Peter, 5’9″, Asian, athletic build. “Good luck!”

I got the promised SMS masked short code to text him if anything was going wrong or I couldn’t find him at the restaurant I’d picked out. I texted I was running a tad behind and he texted back that he was running similarly.

No stress: Dating 3.0.

So we had a beer that turned into dinner that turned into a good, banter-filled date. Numbers were exchanged and I was grabbing my laptop at the office by 10PM. So will we go out again? Maybe. Was my faith renewed in the first date process? Absolutely.

Elizabeth A. Terrell is a Modern Media Strategist for The David All Group in Washington D.C. and occasional contributor to HealthCareBS, GovernmentBYTES!, and The American Spectator Online Edition.

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