Going Out Of Town — Next Update Tuesday The 29th

Going Out Of Town — Next Update Tuesday The 29th: I’m leaving today at noon for a short vacation at the beach. I will return Monday afternoon and the next RWN update will be on Tuesday the 29th. Since I won’t be around for a few days I thought I should give you something to read in the interim. So here are a few blogs that are worth a look…

The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler, Cato The Youngest, COINTELPRO Tool, Kim du Toit, IMAO, Joanne Jacobs, JunkYard Blog, Live From The WTC, Mean Mr. Mustard, The Neolibertarian News Portal, On The Third Hand.

Also, before I go, I wanted to tell our friends in Russia that we’ll be thinking of you. Although I sincerely hope I’m wrong, I suspect that things are going to get very bloody before I return from my trip and I can only hope that the Russians get as many of their people out of that theater alive as humanly possible. Good luck Russia, America is rooting for you.

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