Great News! Celebrities Are Now Finally Motivated To Do Things For Their Fellow Humans!

If you’ve eaten breakfast already, you may want to hold off on watching this video for a while in order to prevent projectile vomiting.

So, all these celebrities are going to cure Alzheimer’s, buy hybrids, end global slavery, and be a servant to our President and all mankind!

That’s fantastic….but, is there a reason you pampered, publicity-hunting morons couldn’t have done these things already?

I mean, if you actually think you’re capable of ending global slavery, why haven’t you idiots already done it? The people who are tilling fields in Sudan and being forced into servitude in Thai brothels would probably have appreciated it. Same deal with Alzheimer’s — what, you had to wait until a Democrat got into office so you could cure that disease?

Well wait a second, maybe they really wanted to do it all along, but never had a proper vehicle to get publicity for their efforts before and as we all know, there’s no point to a Hollywood celeb being a, “servant to our President and all mankind” unless they can get some attention for it.

PS: Here’s my pledge: If dissent is the highest form of patriotism, as the Left has told us again and again over the last 8 years, then I pledge to run some of the most patriotic websites you’ve ever seen. In fact, I pledge to make my dissent into a boot that will be kicking Barack Obama in the @ss, over and over again, at every opportunity.

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