Hard Left Community Activists Known for Fraud to Participate in Census

In case you were wondering why Chairman Zero pushes forward with his radical policies so aggressively, as if he didn’t need to worry about voters throwing out the liberal Congress that enables him, Fox News reports:

The U.S. Census is supposed to be free of politics, but one group with a history of voter fraud, ACORN, is participating in next year’s count, raising concerns about the politicization of the decennial survey.

The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now signed on as a national partner with the U.S. Census Bureau in February 2009 to assist with the recruitment of the 1.4 million temporary workers needed to go door-to-door to count every person in the United States — currently believed to be more than 306 million people.

The NAACP will also participate. Although its politics are as hard left as anyone’s, at least it doesn’t have a long record of fraud.

ACORN, which claims to be a non-partisan grassroots community organization of low- and moderate-income people, came under fire in 2007 when Washington State filed felony charges against several paid ACORN employees and supervisors for more than 1,700 fraudulent voter registrations. In March 2008, an ACORN worker in Pennsylvania was sentenced for making 29 phony voter registration forms. The group’s activities were frequently questioned in the 2008 presidential election.

Here’s why the census so important that Obama’s skeevy chief henchman Rahm “Dead Fish” Emanuel is taking personal control of it, and will use sampling to distort the numbers:

The census is an official count of the country’s population mandated by the U.S. Constitution. It is used to determine distribution of taxpayer money through grants and appropriations and the apportionment of the 435 seats in the House of Representatives. Every U.S. household unit, including those occupied by non-citizens and illegal immigrants, must be counted.

Why do I get the feeling the population of Berkeley and the Bronx is about to go way up, while Utah’s goes way down?

Connie Hair of Human Events must be psychic. Just over a month ago she wrote (emphasis mine):

In a trend that is expected to continue in the 2010 Census, the 2000 Census proved the population centers were moving out of urban areas and also toward the south which historically means more seats allotted to Republicans. This unconstitutional Democrat solution of statistical sampling tried to compensate for this trend by manipulating the numbers to count what they claim to be uncounted populations in these urban centers to include the homeless as well as illegal aliens who may be either reluctant or unable to participate in the Census. The Obama administration under the direction of the White House is expected to try yet again to statistically manipulate the actual count of Americans by these procedures. Sounds like a job for ACORN.

Progressive luminary Joseph Stalin said,

It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.

Now it’s the people who count the people who do the deciding.

Look who will be helping Dead Fish fudge the census.

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