Has Jesse Jackson Been Totally Destroyed?

Has Jesse Jackson Been Totally Destroyed?: Only a few years ago Jesse Jackson was a political powerhouse. Whatever they thought of him, few politicians and pundits dared to speak out against him because simply disagreeing with him was treated by some people as a racist act. But today I finally come to the conclusion that Jackson is a spent force. Why? Because of a thread on Fark.

Now at first that may seem kind of silly. Fark isn’t a political web page and the political discussions on Fark tend to turn into left-leaning flame wars. But today there was a thread on Fark about Jesse Jackson’s criticism of the movie “Barbershop.” Now Jackson’s criticism of the movie was almost universally panned which isn’t necessarily surprising considering that Jackson’s remarks were as per usual silly and self-serving. But I became convinced that you could stick a fork in Jackson by some of the comments by lefties in the thread who thought Jackson was so totally and utterly irrelevant that they didn’t understand why anyone was even talking about him. To these lefties Jackson has is so discredited, such an obvious failure, such a lunatic, that they think Conservatives are deliberately trying to smear their views by associating them with Jackson. Just look at what they had to say…

Revscat: “Is it just me, or do the neoconservatives seem to obsess over Jesse Jackson? Granted, he’s not nearly important as he thinks he is, but it’s just that reason that makes me wonder why Limbaugh and all the other neoconservatives biatch about him all the time.”

Ironbar: “It’s true, most “lefties” are pretty nonplussed about Jesse and discard most of what he says.

If it wasn’t for conservatives getting an immediate hard-on every time Jesse opened his mouth, we’d never hear a thing about him.”

Dagrippa: “Rev. Jackson is the subject of conservative talk because he is such an easy target. Pure entertainment. See also Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney.”

HomerSamson113: “Jesse Jackson is the world’s most outspoken hypocrite. He wants everyone to think he’s the savior for the black community, when, in reality, he’s a money-hungry conservative who will change his views over and over again, as long as he keeps receiving paychecks.”

MrGumboPants: “…Think about it.. Jackson only gets in front of the public because certain media outlets choose to put him there. And Fox (being rabidly conservative) can always make room for Jackson putting his foot in his mouth.

In other words, it’s a symbiotic relationship. Jackson stays in the public eye, Fox gets ratings while pretending to be shedding the light of truth on stupid liberals. Each needs the other to survive, and neither is doing a thing in the public interest.”

Now typically left-wingers will defend the indefensible without question as long as it’s coming from someone they perceive to be on “their side.” Whether it’s Clinton’s incessant lying, Chomsky rampant anti-Americanism, or Daschle’s constant flip-flopping and obstruction, publicly most lefties will defend them to the end. But not Jackson…at least not anymore. Yeah Jackson may still have a few defenders and he may still get some photo-ops but he’s passed his peak and he’s rolling out of control down the mountain. His days of being a power player in US politics or even culturally can now officially be declared over.

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