“Hate speech” dispatch from Canuckistan

Delegates at the Canadian Conservative Party convention just voted overwhelmingly to repeal Section 13.1 of our “Human Rights” law — that’s the notorious “likely” clause, i.e., someone could argue that Seinfeld re-runs are “likely” to expose Jews to “hatred and contempt” and conceivably get them banned from Canadian airwaves.

Ezra Levant has the good news, as well as four (count ’em) op eds from columnists across Canada, condemning the out of control Human Rights Commissions that Ezra, other bloggers and I have been fighting for years. (The HRC’s latest stunt? Desecrating a war memorial on Remembrance Day!)

It looks like we’re making real progress in our fight for freedom of speech. Too bad there are signs that America, of all places, is moving in the opposite direction…

(Kathy Shaidle blogs at FiveFeetOfFury.com. Her new book exposing Canada’s Human Rights Commission, The Tyranny of Nice, is now a Conservative Book Club selection.)

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