HealthCare Today: And First Customers

What do we want “grasshopper health care” —– um, not many of you here, could y’all speak up?

A group of about 30 people gathered on the sidewalk in front the Birmingham offices for Alabama’s U.S. senators at noon Thursday, calling for health care reform and the creation of a new public plan to provide insurance.

The demonstration was one of many organized across the state and nation by, a liberal activist organization.

Other than this brief blurb, I can’t find many stories out there about said nationwide demonstrations. A grand whopping 30. Of course, none of them probably missed work for their pathetic demonstration.

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Over to an idea I have kicked around a few times, but, someone with a bit more power is running with it

Rep. John Fleming (R-La.) introduced a bill Monday that urges members of Congress who vote to create a government-run health insurance agency to give up their own comprehensive health insurance plans to join the new the public option they advocate for others.

The bill, H. Res. 615, says members of Congress who vote for a government-run health care bureau should become the inaugural customers of government-run health-care.

“That it is the sense of the House of Representatives that Members who vote in favor of the establishment of a public, federal government run health insurance option are urged to forgo their right to participate in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP) and agree to enroll under that public option,” the resolution reads.

It’s non-binding and all, but, it is a start. I’m guessing that if ObamaCare passes, the number of Congress Critters who switch over to it will be somewhere between zero and multiples of zero.

PS: Michelle Malkin and Sma’ Talk Wi’ T have more information on the folks getting totally pawn’d during their astroturf demonstrations.

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