Obama, it turns out, isn’t even different about being different, especially as regards the… different:

“When a president tells you he’s going to be different, you believe him,” said John Aravosis, a Washington-based gay activist.

You do?

What if he says, “This time it’s for real” or “I’ll call you”?

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In fact, it turns out John Aravosis is all kinds of apoplectic about the things going down in his world (via Insty). Here he’s particularly outraged that Barney Frank, being all gay and all, doesn’t agree with The Agenda:

Our senior most gay member of Congress actually said that had Obama argued in court that DOMA is unconstitutional, that would be akin to George Bush not going to court to, for example, get a warrant to spy on Americans. Get it? Defending gay people is like spying illegally. But comparing us to incest and pedophilia, using what I’m told was pretty much the original brief the Bush administration used against us years ago, is somehow a sign that we’re better than the Republicans – by repeating their arguments in court.

You’re missing my point if you read past the first line (I just could resist pasting the whole thing) (you can learn about the actual legal issue here): Aravosis is livid that this offensive political view is being espoused by “Our senior most gay member of Congress.”

Let me get this straight: Gayness is supposed to lead to a specific political outlook?

If so, then is there anything wrong, after all, with opposing a candidate for office because he’s… that way?

Or maybe I’ve finally found a topic that can actually cause me to write words defending Barney Frank.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Originally posted on Likelihood of Success, Ron Coleman’s sensitive, but pretty good, blog.

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