Hey Elliot Ness, Prohibition Is Over

Hey Elliot Ness, Prohibition Is Over: I guess they’ve solved every real crime in Northern Virginia because the police are so bored that they have nothing better to do than to harass law abiding citizens who are having a few drinks with their friends…

“During the holiday period, undercover agents went to 20 bars in Reston and Herndon looking for examples of bartenders “overserving” customers. Police ultimately raided three bars and arrested nine patrons who failed sobriety tests. They were charged with public drunkenness and spent the night in jail.

Police consider the operation a success and said they would consider doing it again. Lt. Tor Bennett, assistant commander of the Reston District station, described it as a “low-key” operation designed to stop drunks before they got behind the wheel.”

What the hell is going on in America when we have the police arresting people for failing sobriety tests in a bar? And here’s some more info on this “low-key” abuse of power by the Fairfax police…

“At Champs in Reston, general manager Kevin O’Hare described police as “antagonistic.” He said they “pulled” people from their chairs who were making no commotion. “They’re always welcome to come in anytime,” he said of police. “It’s not an issue when they talk to our guests. But when they actually pull people out of their seats, it is an issue. When it’s borderline harassment, it’s an issue.”

One man who was arrested during one of the police raids acknowledged having several drinks during the course of the afternoon, but said he was not driving or acting unruly as he sat at a table with several work colleagues. He had just finished singing “Jingle Bell Rock” on the karaoke machine when an officer asked him to step outside. He failed a breath test and was taken in a van to jail.”

Every person who was arrested should have the charges against them dropped and should receive sincere apology from the police. Then the bureaucrat who came up with this idea should be fired. When that’s complete, the police in Fairfax County should find some real criminals to bust instead hounding people who are just trying to drink a few adult beverages in peace.

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