Hey, How Am I Driving, Man? I Think We’re Parked

It seems like every few years we have to have this debate about marijuana, and sometimes other drugs. But, in the era of hopeNchange, it is becoming louder and more open. We know that Attorney General Eric Holder has told the DEA to stop raiding “medical marijuana” dealers, er, shops. We know that El Presidente Barack H. Obama thinks pot is a joke, and that lots of folks who voted for him thought the issue of legalizing ganja was a like, ya know, really, wow, cool, man….look, a quarter!

And we know the administration is looking to do away with the phrase “war on drugs” because it might offend people who are stoned to the gills and might not even notice. Maybe it will be Operation Pizza Contingency? We can turn the war on poverty into Operation Grasshopper Contingency. But, I digress. Kids on campus want maryjane offenses to be less severe, and preferably done away with

Marijuana advocates who say pot is safer than alcohol want colleges to wade into a hazy debate over whether schools’ tough pot penalties are actually worsening their drinking woes.

They argue that stiff punishments for being caught in a campus dorm with pot steer students to booze and add to binge drinking, drunken brawls and other booze-soaked troubles.

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“You know, when you get high on marijuana you don’t act violent – you just kind of sit there,” said Mason Tvert, leader of a Denver-based group stoking the pot-vs.-booze debate.

An interesting attempt, but one that fails to address the point that marijuana is, you know, kinda illegal, dude mon, per the, like, law. I will say, I really do not think marijuana is that bad of a drug, there are certainly a lot worse, particularly alcohol, which is much more addictive, mentally and physically, then pot, and much more damaging to the body then pot. Personally, I could care less if it is legalized and taxed, I’ve done it, do not care for the affects. If someone wants to get high and it doesn’t affect anyone else, hey, we want government out of our private business, right? Funny how all these folks Left who want marijuana legalized also freak out about cigarettes. I’m guessing the whole second hand dope smoke issue hasn’t been thought out. And, as most of us know, there is such a thing as a contact high.

Interestingly, Portugal has seen that drug related crimes, AIDS and even drug use are down since they decriminalized drugs eight years ago.

But, again, it is still illegal, and, as far as the “it doesn’t cause violence” meme? It does happen now and then. Sometimes for a simple $2. But, like with alcohol, people get stupid and try and drive

On marijuana, the White House’s Office of National Drug Control Policy says in its “Myths & Facts” report that even a moderate dose can impair driving performance, and that 15 percent of trauma patients injured while driving a car or motorcycle had been smoking pot.

And last, but not least, how to create more grasshoppers

“We just don’t have a lot of highly successful students who are potheads,” Workman said.

Dave’s not here, man.

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