Three bodies found on the 2nd floor of the Nariman
House. The terrorists killed the hostages before moving on to the next
floor. They killed two more hostages on the 4th floor. Third floor is
the only floor remaining, commandos are there. It is just a matter of
(hat tip Randall)

Joshua wrote me, "how many chabadniks do we know? They are all sweet people with amazing ahavas yisroel".

Israeli  Jewish men pray for the well-being of their friends Rabbi Gabriel Holtzberg and his wife Rivka, who are being held hostage by suspected gunmen in Mumbai, India, at the Western Wall, Judaism’s holiest site in Jerusalem’s Old City,Thursday,India_shooting_reax_jrl122

"Terrorism" the big lie used to club the minds of free men into confusion. This isn’t terrorism. This is war, holy war.BTW, ever hear of Jews killing imams? (not that that matters, right)

Unconfirmed: Chabad Rabbi and his Wife Murdered in Mumbai
Fears have grown that the Chabad rabbi and his wife in Mumbai has
been Holtzberg_3
Indian helicopters dropped commandoes on the roof of the
Chabad House in Mumbai early Friday morning, and a battle is continuing
at this moment. Three blasts were heard inside the building, where four
terrorists remain. One was killed in an earlier battle. It is thought
that no more hostages are being held inside.

An Indian newspaper
has reported that Chabad-Lubavitch emissary Rabbi Gavriel

Holtzberg and
his wife Rivka were murdered by Muslim terrorists who held them hostage.

The Chabad couple’s two-year-old son Moshe was taken out of the building by his babysitter shortly after the siege began Wednesday night.

David Bogner over at Treppenwitz who was  just there last week, and ate at the house of the Jewish couple that was held hostage and murdered (unconfirmed)

Early in the reporting from India it became clear that the attacks were
centered on tourist centers, with two luxury hotels and Mumbai’s largest train
terminal bearing the brunt of the attacks. And most of the reports seemed to
fixate on the disturbing fact that Americans and Britons seem to have been
singled out by the terrorists.

Yet, seemingly unremarkable to the media, also among the targets singled out
for attack was a house in a mixed residential/commercial area that is well off
the beaten track.  From the outside it is rather non-descript, and in fact if
you didn’t have good directions, you would never know it for what it is; the
home of one of Mumbai’s few orthodox Jewish families (I know, having eaten there
several times last week). 

Yes, of course they reported it… but the attack on Nariman house/Beit
Chabad didn’t strike them as odd… or at least no more odd than the rest of the
coordinated attacks.

Here’s why it should have.:

Mumbai is a city of over 18 million people, yet there are only about five
thousand Jews living there.  And of those, only a few dozen are identifiably
Jewish outside of the synagogue.

Heck, the entire country of India – with a staggering population of over 1.1
billion people – has only about 15 thousand Jews!  I’m not so
good at math, but I think that if you try to express the Jewish population as a
percentage of the overall Indian population, you’re going to end up with a
lot of zeros to the right of the decimal point.

So isn’t it weird that nobody seems to be talking about how statistically odd
it is that this Muslim terror group sought out and attacked an unremarkable home
containing one of India’s only identifiably orthodox Jewish families.

Apparently the breaking news from Mumbai has demonstrated anew that targeting
Jews is not unusual… even when just finding Jews in India to attack
is harder than finding Samoans in Iceland. 

So why is that unremarkable?  And more importantly, why does the rest of the
world continue to push us to understand and excuse murderous Muslim aggression
against us… even when they hound us to the end of the earth?  Yet
we’re the racists. 

The answer is that attacking us – even in a country where just
finding us is like finding a needle in a haystack – is considered
completely unremarkable… just part of the natural order. "

Randall points out The percentage of Jews in India is 0.00136% or just over one
thousandth of one percent.

It seems that Jews are 73,333 times as important as the average
citizen in India!


A commando fires at suspected terrorists holed up in a house owned by Israelis in Colaba, Mumbai, India, Friday, Nov. 28, 2008.  

Turkish couple let off by terrorists for being Muslims India Times

The Muezzinoglus, however, found themselves in a hostage situation, along with a
group of foreigners. That night, they shared a room with three foreigners – all
women. Two machine-gun-wielding terrorists stood guard over them the whole

All the hostages were asked to reveal their religion.
When the
Muezzinoglus said they were Muslims, their captors told them that they would not
be harmed.
The other three Caucasian women were removed from the room next day,
and the terrorists informed the Muezzinoglus that they had been shot.

Arpaciouglu kept in touch with his friends all through the hostage
crisis, up until the time they were released the next day. While the hostages
allowed the couple to make one phone call to Arpaciouglu at 3am, for the rest of
the day, they relied on text messages. The couples’ final messages read:
`Soldiers are here now. Soldiers found us’.

These folks were not so ….. Muslim



Hospital attendants place the body
of a victim of Wednesday’s shootings on a stretcher at the St. George
hospital in Mumbai November 27, 2008. Indian Prime Minister Manmohan
Singh said on Thursday the attacks in Mumbai that killed more than 100
people were well planned and probably had "external linkages". Singh
was speaking as witnesses in the Indian financial capital said
commandos were preparing to storm the Taj Hotel, the Trident-Oberoi and
a Jewish centre, where militants have trapped or taken hostage scores
of people.


Bodies lie near the swimming pool of the Taj Mahal hotel after shootings

UPDATE: One floor still to being cleared at Nariman House-

By MM Online Bureau
Posted On Friday, November 28, 2008

7.05pm: Fresh firing at Taj. Reports that there might be more than one
terrorist holed up in Taj. Two unidentified bodies recovered from the

6.57pm: J K Dutt: Three bodies found on the 2nd floor of the Nariman
House. The terrorists killed the hostages before moving on to the next
floor. They killed two more hostages on the 4th floor. Third floor is
the only floor remaining, commandos are there. It is just a matter of

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