Hooligan Mob to Target Coal Plant

Totalitarian regimes often require ostensibly independent action. An example would be the maniacal students who went wild during China’s Cultural Revolution, inflicting violence on those deemed insufficiently fanatical in their devotion to communism. Similar tactics will be required to push through the global warming agenda, which will entail radically restricting our liberty and lowering our standard of living in the name of a “crisis” that does not exist.

Environmentalist demagogue Al Gore has been trying to egg on the sort of moonbat hooligans who riot at WTO conferences to attack power plants that use one of our most precious yet abundant resources, coal. His rallying cry has been heeded. Capitol Climate Action, planned for March 2, will protest the existence of a coal plant in DC. Participants are encouraged to impersonate normal Americans by wearing their “Sunday best” — meaning they will make every effort to find matching shoes.

Leftists target coal not because it oppresses the polar bears, but because it produces 56% of our electricity. The only viable alternatives are oil — which we must import mostly from hostile regimes because Democrats severely restrict drilling in our own country — and nuclear — which liberals also resist tooth and nail.

Not even Al Gore thinks windmills and pixie dust can meet our energy needs. The idea is to cripple the economy and make us helpless, the better to soften us up for socialism.

Here’s global warming profiteer James Hansen — a known fraud who nonetheless holds a top position in the federal bureaucracy — encouraging punks to use strong-arm tactics to advance the government’s goal of banning coal:

The protest will be pure theater; these totalitarians are not protesting against the government, but on its behalf against what remains of our freedom. If you doubt Chairman Zero is on the same page, here he is promising to exploit the global warming farce to bankrupt coal plants:

Before long you’ll flip the switch and the lights won’t come on. You’ll know whom to thank.

On a tip from Dave K. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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