How Dare Those Incas Thrive When It Was Warm!

Didn’t they know that they were supposed to nash their teeth, decry what Mankind was doing to Gaia, and hold awareness rallies? Climate study puts Incas’ success down to 400 years of warm weather

Supreme military organisation and a flair for agricultural invention are traditionally credited for the rise of the Incas. However, their success may have owed more to a spell of good weather — a spell that lasted for more than 400 years.

According to new research, an increase in temperature of several degrees between AD1100 and 1533 allowed vast areas of mountain land to be used for agriculture for the first time. This fuelled the territorial expansion of the Incas, which at its peak stretched from the modern Colombian border to the middle of Chile.

“Yes, they were highly organised, and they had a sophisticated hierarchical system, but it wouldn’t have counted a jot without being underpinned by the warming of the climate,” says Dr Alex Chepstow-Lusty, a palaeo-ecologist from the French Institute for Andean Studies in Lima, Peru.

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Can’t blame their fall on the Little Ice Age, as it was the Spaniards who were at fault, but, it is interesting that their society rose during a warm period. Also of interest, the rise of current modern society has occured during a warming period that started in the mid-1800’s, at the end of the Little Ice Age. All those darned SUVs moving Union and Confederate soldiers was an offense against Mother Nature.

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