How Did I Miss This? Head Of Catholics For Kerry Arrested And Charged With Running A Prostitution Ring

Is this really a huge shocker?

Eric McFadden was the founder of Catholics for Kerry, a group which proudly proclaimed that Catholics should support John Kerry notwithstanding his support for abortion.

After the election McFadden went on to bigger and better things when he was appointed by Ted Strickland, pro-abort Democrat governor of Ohio, in February 2007 to head the Ohio Office of Faith Based Initiatives.

McFadden resigned from that position in October of 2007.

McFadden also served as head of Catholic outreach for the Clinton campaign in 2008.

…Yesterday he was arrested and charged with running a prostitution ring for 6 years in Columbus, Ohio.

You know, try as I might I am having a hard time being shocked by this story. After continually attempting to rally support for pro-aborts running for the highest office in the land, and doing so under the banner of a Church that views abortion as an abomination, being involved in prostitution during the same time period doesn’t seem like that big of a step to me.

It’s tempting to make fun of this guy for being a hypocrite, but I’m sad to say that I wouldn’t be surprised to read this sort of news about ANY of the religious figures who’ve gotten in bed with the hard core left. That may seem unfair, but my impression is that the leaders (note that I said the leaders, not the average Christian Democrat) of most of these left-wing religious organizations primarily view Christianity as a selling point for their political views, instead of something they really believe in. That’s certainly how people like Jeremiah Wright, Michael Pfleger, and Gene Robinson come across, so it’s not much of a surprise to see that was the case with Eric McFadden as well.

Hat tip to The Curt Jester for the story.

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