How Will We Ever Replace Those Trees?

How Will We Ever Replace Those Trees?: You may have already heard of the survey from Conservation International which reveals that “untouched wilderness areas (on the planet) are 46 percent intact.” So we’re not running out a real estate on earth. We have plenty of room to grow despite the shrill cries from the environmentalists who claim the earth’s can’t be sustained with it’s current population.

That 46% statistic in and of itself is interesting — but not as interesting as the quotes from some environmental whackos in this CNSNews article. The whackos in question are Brad Phillips & Russell A. Mittermeier from Conservation International. Here is what they had to say…

“To me, logging of primary forests is a 19th century colonial activity that has no place in the modern world… and it needs to be phased out as quickly as possible,” Mittermeier explained.

Even the concept of “sustainable” forestry, endorsed by environmental groups, does not meet with Mittermeier’s approval.

“They do it under the banner of sustainability, but there is nothing sustainable about it… it is not sustainable – it is the mining of trees, it’s a disaster,” he said.

Mittermeier would like to see all timber harvested from controlled farm-like plantation forests instead.

Phillips believes that the world must act to control population growth to ensure the continued existence of wilderness areas.

“Most scientists believe that by 2050, we are going to have somewhere between 9 or 10 billion people. We know now that there are water shortages in parts of the world, food shortages, material shortages,” Phillips said.”

We already have, “controlled farm-like plantation forests” — except we just call them forests. They’re full of trees that could be put to no better use than to cut down and made into sheets of notebook paper or coffee tables. Come on, trees do grow back you know.

Then we get into Phillips’ comment about, how the “world must act to control population growth to ensure the continued existence of wilderness areas.” How should we do that pray tell? Chinese style forced abortions? Mandatory sterilization? I’d love to know what policies this guy would like to see put in place to “control” the population — especially in nations where people don’t want some enviro-weenie determining how many children they can have.

I wonder how much of the general public understands that the environmental movement is riddled with whackos with these sorts of opinions? As far as I’m concerned, the more people who know what the sort of things these environmental whackos believe in, the better.

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