Human Shields Aren’t Going To Stop Anything

Human Shields Aren’t Going To Stop Anything: As most of you know, quite a few Western human shields war tourists have gone to Iraq in an effort to stop the war. According to this article in the New York Times, there are 132 of them running around.

You know, there is a little something about WW2 that these people should remember. Most people today are not be aware of it, but there were 23 American POWS killed when we nuked Hiroshima. We knew they were there, but in order to save more lives, we dropped the bomb anyway.

Now given that, do these people really think we’re going to shy away from hitting strategic targets because they’re on location? To me, the life of one American soldier is worth the lives 10,000 of these bullet catchers. Moreover, I care much more about the lives of Iraqi civilians who are being forced at gunpoint to be human shields than I do about these people. Heck, I even have more sympathy for the poor conscripts that are being forced to fight against us than I do for a bunch of useful idiots who are deliberately putting themselves in harm’s way to protect the regime of a monster like Saddam. They made their own choice and they’re going to have to live and quite possibly die with it. No matter what happens, I for one won’t be losing any sleep over the fate of these human shields…

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