I Get Emails: Shouldn’t You Be Nicer To Obama?

This is from an email I received yesterday,

Mr. Hawkins,

I’ve been a reader of your site for some years now. I’ve changed email addresses a few times but I’ve written in to you before under the names advrobw and docsinokc. When I started reading your page(s), I would have described myself as a moderate (squish). I was even a McCain fan during the 2000 primary. While that has changed and with age I have moved farther to the right, something has been bothering me about the site(s) and as time goes on, it just gets further and further beneath my skin.

We are conservatives. That means we have a moral sense of right and wrong as well as personal responsibility. We believe in our ideals. We hold our own accountable. We are all the things that liberals are not. For 8 years, I saw the media, the democrats, and the liberals around the world make fun of a good man and demonize him at every turn. I don’t hold disagreements against them but they resorted to name calling. Now, less than 1 year after he has left office, I notice most of your bloggers resorting to name calling with regards to the current president and VP.

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WE are above that, let’s not forget it. Taking the high road isn’t the easiest, it doesn’t always pay off in the short term, it doesn’t involve that “gotcha” feeling. Being right isn’t always the most fun. Let us all remember that.

Rob Wise


I could just say that “politics ain’t beanbag” and leave it at that, but I do want to delve a little deeper.

Here’s my absolute, honest to goodness opinion of Barack Obama:

* I believe that he’s shamelessly dishonest and is trying to use an economic crisis to radically reshape the country.

* I think he’s toweringly arrogant, cares little for the Constitution, and is engaging in activities that are illegal, unconstitutional, and perhaps even criminal (engineering the bankruptcy of Chrysler so that his union allies could take over).

* I believe that if Barack Obama’s goal were to use the power of the presidency to do as much damage as possible to the country without personally ending up in a jail cell, he wouldn’t be acting much differently than he is now.

Does that mean I think Barack Obama is evil? Not per se — but, I do think he’s a slimey, habitually dishonest, incompetent politician who is completely over his head and I believe he may permanently cripple our country to the point where we will never be able to truly be a great nation again.

The man is ramming syringes full of rat poison into the heart of our country on a daily basis. You can already make a case that he’s the worst President in American history. I mean, this guy has the potential to personally be a negative tipping point in American history.

Now, what do you expect us to say about the guy? “He’s destroying this country’s future, but he means well?” Keep in mind that the same press corps that crucified Bush is deifying Obama, but we’re supposed to be better than them so we have to give the most radical President in US history a free ride while he rides this country’s future into the ground?

You know, Obama did have a choice when he came into office. He campaigned as a moderate. He could have tried governing like one. He promised bipartisanship. He could have gone that way instead of saying, “I won,” and trying to jam socialism down everybody’s throat in six months because, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.” He made his choice and if informed people who care about their country’s future are infuriated with him, he deserves it.

I won’t lie to beat Obama and I will be fair, but I don’t get a “tingle up my leg” when he talks and I am not interested in giving him the benefit of the doubt lest the future of our country “go to waste.” If anything, given the dire straits that Barack Obama is maneuvering our country into, I don’t think people are being nearly tough enough on him by a longshot.

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