I Get Emails: You’re Leading Us To Slavery Under A Zionist Umbrella Controlled By Jews

Getting hate mail is part of being a blogger and the longer you’ve been around and the more traffic you get, the more hate mail you receive. After a while, it all blends in together.

“You (string of random curse words thrown together). I can’t believe you (don’t want to kill babies/don’t like Barack Obama/are conservative). You (string of random curse words) Republicans are what’s wrong with America. Why don’t you shove (random reference) up your @ss and die!”

After a certain point, you start to judge the hate mail mainly by how unintentionally funny it is and whether it would be entertaining enough to post on your page.

Well today, I have an enthralling piece of hate mail indeed. In fact, it’s the best material I’ve received since I was accused of being part of a Mormon Conspiracy because I believe Barack Obama was born in Hawaii.

Apparently, this guy got all lathered up because I note that I can’t respond to every email that people send me. If you want to know why, let me just say that I ran across this particular missive while I was cleaning over 1000 non-spam emails out of my account this week-end. Incidentally, that’s about a week’s worth of email, not counting the ones I have already responded to and deleted.

What follows is the email, in its entirety, minus the links to his website. After all, why should I reward this guy with traffic for sending me hate mail? If you want to know what his blog’s like, go read Mein Kampf and then imagine it being applied to political commentary by someone who doesn’t write very well.

John Hawkins
Right Wing News…LOL

by clifylq

“So you can send email to me and I will read it, but unfortunately I can only guarantee responses to the press & advertisers.”

Mr. Hawkins,

I visited your web site after seeing the “RightOnLine” Bloggers convention on the TV. What I gather from your town hall meeting and your web site is that either you have NO clue who is the real traitors in America and clueless who is behind it all i.e., (Israel and their Zionist agenda/our mortal enemy), or you are yet another false flag organization.

Zionism has put every president in office since JFK and no matter what color they are as long as they tow the ALPAC pro Israel line, they will become the president of U.S. *************.livejournal.com/****.html
Fox News your convention was seen on is totally Zionist owned and Jim Pinkerton was one of your speakers. He works for Fox and was given a standing ovulation by the sheeple in your groups audience. Review this link on who owns the media, Jews *************.livejournal.com/****.html

I saw a training gif for Homeland Security in Israel on your site John what’s up with that?

Other false flags on your site were Michele Malkin and Sara Palin. Both Jew run and operated and constantly in the media. But I assure you neither will taut their concerns for the Jews and their controls over America since they know where their bread is being buttered. *************.livejournal.com/****.html

Interesting also your contact information saying that you can only guarantee a response to those who email you that are the press and those willing to pay you. How totally Zionist of you sir and leading me to believe that you too are just another false prophet to people who think they are bloggers saving America from the big bad wolf Obama, etc., when all the time Johnny boy you are mis leading them and us all to slavery under a Zionist umbrella controlled by Jews. *************.livejournal.com/****.html

PS Not to worry that you don’t respond back to this message, I fully plan on putting it on my Blog. Conservatively speaking I get over 12 million viewers and I’m no false flag or count on Jews for their media or their giving me power over the clueless like you sir! *************.livejournal.com/****.html

Oh noes! He is putting it on his website with 12 million readers! Really? On livejournal? The one that had like 3 comments on it? Maybe that’s all just a trick to keep from having the dark shadow of the “Zionist umbrella controlled by Jews” fall over his blog!

After all, they’ve apparently gotten to me, Fox, Jim Pinkerton, Michelle Malkin, and Sarah Palin, or, as it’s apparently spelled by people not under the control of the ZOG, “Sara Palin.”

PS: Exit question: If the Jews really run the world, how is it that they ended up with one of the few tracts of land in the Middle-East that isn’t sitting atop a lake of oil?

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