Ice Storm 2002

Ice Storm 2002: As some of you probably already know, Charlotte NC has been pummeled with a mixture of ice and rain since yesterday afternoon. It was an odd storm to say the least. Although it wasn’t all that cold and the roads never seemed get all that bad (at least while I was out yesterday), massive amounts of ice formed on all the trees and powerlines. At last count we had 225k people in Charlotte and around a million and a half in the surrounding area without power. Just to put things in perspective, after Hurricane Hugo hit us we only had around 700k people in the surrounding area without power and it took the power company two weeks plus to get everyone’s juice flowing again back then.

Personally, I do have power (although my company doesn’t) but my cable service is out of commission and Time Warner told me they “hoped” to have it back up before the week-end. Outside of my apartment, there are 5 forty foot pine trees that have snapped in half. They’ve even declared a state of emergency in Charlotte and some of the surrounding areas.

On the other hand, working for an internet wholesaler has its advantages. One of them being this dial-up connection I’m using to make this post. Unfortunately, I’m a little handicapped by the slow speed (it’s 52.0 KBS but that’s slow compared to cable), because this is the first time today I’ve been able to connect, and by the fact I’ll have to share this connection. So posting may be a little lighter than normal tonight and tomorrow depending on how things go with my Road Runner connection…

***Update***: My cable connection is back up.

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