If Obama’s Lost Dennis Kucinich…..

Things are not all fairy dust and unicorn “wind” up on Capitol Hill. Kucinich slams Obama: Healthcare savings ‘unconscionable rip-off’

The Obama administration’s plan announced yesterday to save trillions in healthcare costs is an “unconscionable rip-off of the American people,” Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) argued Tuesday.

Kucinich slammed the administration’s deal, brokered with insurers, labor, healthcare providers, and other parties to save $2 trillion over the next 10 years as another bailout for a major industry.

“This is an unconscionable rip-off of the American people. This is a bailout of the insurance industry,” Kucinich, an advocate of a single-payer, government run system said Tuesday on National Public Radio.

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“Just like we bailed out the banks, we’re bailing out the insurance industries,” he argued. “And so I emphatically disagree with the approach that the White House is taking. In the end, it’s going to mean more taxpayer dollars going to the insurance industry.”

You can watch his rant over at Youtube, if ye want. And most, if not all, of us on the Right will disagree with with Kucinich’s reasoning, but, we do agree that Obama’s plan is an “unconscionable rip-off of the American people,” not to mention a great way to destroy the American health care system and turn us into Britain.

A few choice comments by DUmmies, where I found this story

  • Obama’s plan is a sham. Exactly as Kucinich says.. Health care costs the US double anywhere else.. And now, the obama plan will make US health care cost four times what Denmark pays. Denmark has the highest costs outside the US.. The country collectively is going broke over insurance costs and Obama wants to double them.. Bravo Kucinich. Someone speaks the truth.
  • Moot. ?.. Elections are no big deal. The media goes a long way to ‘select,’ our president. And we know they are in the hands of interest groups such as the insurance lobby. (an honest DUmmy)
  • Yep…The whole Deal is just another Republican Dog & Pony show. Step right up Folks ! …Bend over and we’ll shove it right up your…. (Say what? Last time I checked, Obama was a Democrat. MoveOn, bub)
  • If only more people would put off their Obama-blinders and cut through the bullsh*t…
  • “regret the vote” Sounds like “get out the vote”, sorta.

    The question now is this. What, at last, have we put in the executive office? Either he’s the slickest gamester ever or we’ve got an oval office that betrays us.

    If I can’t answer that question then the first casualty in the list of campaign promises has been transparency.

I think we can stop on that one, though there are plenty more, as well as on this thread. What they got was a con man who has his own agenda, and, like any good elected Democrat politician, will use interest groups and “boxed” people to get elected, and will say and do anything to achieve the goal. Then, a pat on the head to the peons, now get back in line, grasshoppers.

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