If You’re a Responsible American. You’re Screwed!!!

What’s next? I’ll tell you what’s next…

You’re all a bunch of morons! We’re all a bunch of freaking morons! The freaking government has conned us. They freaking conned us!

For 50 years the government has run around saying, buy! buy! buy! spend! spend! spend! Buy! Buy! Buy! Spend! Spend! Spend!

If you want something and you can’t afford it. Don’t worry about it. Go get a credit card. Go get a mortgage. Go get a car loan. If you want 10 kids. But, you can only afford 2 kids. Have the 10 kids, the government will take care of it.

Now the chickens have come home to roost. It’s time for the government to take care of it. How are they going to take care of it? I’ll tell you how. From YOU! The responsible person. The person who has worked all his freaking life. The person who has taken a couple of dollars out of his check every freaking week and put it in the bank for a ‘rainy day”. I don’t know if you heard. It’s pouring outside! But, when you go to get YOUR money. It’s not going to be there. Why? Because the government has already taken it and given it to your neighbor to buy a freaking umbrella.

But your okay with it. Why? Because the government comes on t.v. everyday and says, if we don’t do this. If we don’t pay off the debt of the irresponsible person, the economy is going to collapse. The country is going to collapse. And you’re a responsible person. You don’t want the economy to collapse. You don’t want the country to collapse. So you go along with this and pretty soon, Barack Obama is going to pay off the debt of all the irresponsible people. He’s going to come out on t.v. He’s gonna cinch up his tie and he’s gonna say, “America! We’ve gotten through the economic crisis. Everybody can go back to work now.” And you. The responsible guy. You’re gonna pick up your freaking lunch bucket and you’re gonna go back to work. And you’re gonna work! work! work! and you’re gonna, save! save! save! and you’re gonna work! work! work! and you’re gonna save! save! save!

And the irresponsible person. The person who didn’t learn a lesson from all of this. he’s gonna go out and he’s gonna spend! spend! spend! buy! buy! buy! spend! spend! spend! buy! buy! buy! make baby! baby! baby! make baby! baby! baby! and in 50 years we’re gonna be back in the same mess.

So what’s the lesson? What’s the lesson of “CHANGE”? What’s the lesson of Barack Obama? I’ll tell you what the lesson is… BE A DEGENERATE!! Why should you go to work everyday? Why should you save your money? Why should you sit in the freaking corner like a wallflower while everyone else is out there freaking partying? and when the party’s over… Why should YOU pay the freaking bill?!

YOU shouldn’t!!

Would you people get it. This economy is gonna collapse. it’s either gonna collapse now. Or it’s gonna collapse in 50 years and your kids are going to have to deal with it. I don’t even have kids and I’d rather it collapse NOW!!! Would you wake up! You’ve been had! You’ve been had!!

what’s next! what’s next!! what’s next!!!

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