Illegal Immigration Raid On City Hall In Mesa Has Some Livid

Have y’all heard about this one?

A late-night raid of City Hall and the Main Library here by 60 heavily armed sheriff’s deputies and posse members searching for illegal immigrants has escalated tensions between city officials and the county sheriff, who ordered the raid.

The operation took place at 2 a.m. on Thursday, timed to catch suspected illegal immigrants working as janitors on the overnight shift. Deputies did not find any suspects at City Hall, but arrested three people at the library whom they suspected of using forged identification to gain employment at a cleaning company.

The New York Times, along with the Arizona Republic, were not amused. Then again, both have rarely been amused by raids on illegal immigration employers.

The raid also arrested 16 illegals in their homes, and the manager of the cleaning company which had been contracted to provide the service. There is a report that 15 other illegals are on the run.

It gets better, though, because the mayor of Mesa is livid over the issue. Maybe if he was wasn’t positioning the city as a sanctuary city, there wouldn’t be continuing problems in Mesa

(Judicial Watch) In late August a Mesa landscaping company, contracted by the city to work on its public parks, was raided by Maricopa sheriffs and nearly 30 illegal immigrants were arrested. The sheriff has stepped in to help curb the area’s illegal immigration crisis because the Mesa Police Department has a don’t-ask-don’t-tell policy regarding illegal aliens.

It never fails to amaze me that those elected to government, and police departments, refuse to uphold, you know, the law. And then get P.O.’d when someone else does.

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