Illegal To Defend Yourself In Britain?

Illegal To Defend Yourself In Britain?: It is now officially illegal to defend your own home from criminals in Britain…

“A FATHER-OF-TWO who stabbed a “career criminal” to death with a bread knife after finding him burgling his family’s home was found guilty of manslaughter yesterday.

…Hastings, who was remanded in custody to be sentenced next month, faces a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

…The prosecution claimed that Hastings had overstepped the mark and “meted out his own form of punishment” when he stabbed Williams 12 times, mostly in the back. Hastings insisted that instinct took over. He believed that he was protecting his children, a boy of four and girl of two, and their mother. He later discovered the family was not at their home in Tottenham, North London.

…Peter Kyte, QC, for the prosecution, told the jury: “The law recognises a man is entitled to defend himself, his family and his property only if his action does not go beyond the reasonable and the necessary.

“There is no doubt Mr Hastings stumbled across a burglary. There is no doubt that Roger Williams was a thoroughly bad hat in the eyes of the law. But, as a human being, he is just as entitled to the freedom to live as anyone else. We argue that, in this case, alas, this man overstepped the mark and went some distance beyond that.”

They should be giving this guy a medal for defending himself against a thug who broke into his home, not locking him up. What is Britain coming to when a man is not allowed to defend himself from a burglar in his own home?

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