In My World: U.S. Troops To Be Led By Haunted Robot

In My World: U.S. Troops To Be Led By Haunted Robot: Secretary of State Colin Powell plans to present evidence to the U.N. today that Saddam has weapons of mass destruction and is mocking the rest of the world. On one audio tape, Saddam reportedly says, “I have weapons of mass destruction! Stupid world; I mock them! And I am so glad the U.N. will never hear me say this!”

Defense Secretary Rumsfeld showed his support for Colin Powell. “That weak willed fool better not fail!” Rumsfeld shouted at a press conference, shaking his fist in the air.

“Chirac seems to say that he will not join the war plans no matter what,” said one reporter, “How much do you plan on hurting him?”

“You must be from FOX News,” Rumsfeld stated. “As for Chirac, just having other people see him after I’m done with him will be considered a crime against humanity.” (Cont)

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