Insulting Our Intelligence With Empty Words

Insulting Our Intelligence With Empty Words: Listen to what Kofi Annan had to say today…

“The world must act together against terrorism or put at risk everything the United Nations ( news – web sites) stands for, U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan ( news – web sites) said on Wednesday, a year after the Sept. 11 attacks.

There could be no greater affront to the spirit and purpose of the United Nations than the terrorist attacks of September 11,” he told a solemn ceremony marking the anniversary, held in a garden at U.N. headquarters.

“Everything that we work for — peace, development, health, freedom — is damaged by this horror. Everything that we believe in — respect for human life, justice, tolerance, pluralism and democracy — is threatened by it. It must be defeated — and it must be defeated by the world acting as one,” he said”

That sounds fantastic doesn’t it? In fact, Kofi sounds almost like President Bush on the subject doesn’t he? Furthermore, he’s RIGHT. Moreover, the United States would LOVE nothing more than the, “world acting as one” to defeat terrorism.

Since Kofi is now against terrorism I’ll be looking for a few changes at the UN in the near future.

I’m sure that the UN will now begin condemning every Palestinian terrorist attack in the strongest terms while definitively saying that Israel has every right to respond to attacks. Furthermore, I’m sure the UN will do everything in it’s power to arrest the terrorists operating out of it’s refugee camps in the Middle East instead of turning a blind eye to their attacks on Israelis as it’s done in the past. Furthermore, I’m sure Kofi Annan will come out tomorrow and demand that Iraq either submit to inspections and cease supporting terrorists or face military strikes fully supported by the UN. Also, Syria can obviously kiss it’s seat on the UN security council goodbye and Gadaffi can expect to be prosecuted by the United Nations Commission on Human Rights instead of being put in charge of it.

Boy I’m really looking forward to seeing the ‘new and improved’ United Nations that won’t tolerate terrorism. That sure will be great won’t it? Wait a second…Kofi Annan wouldn’t lie to us…would he?

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