Iran’s Little Dictator Channels Queen Nancy, Challenges Obama

Queen Nancy last week: “I have made the statement I am going to make on this. I don’t have anything more to say about it.” In other words, Ms. Most Ethical Congress Evah! is saying she’s done talking about it, don’t bother asking her questions, and just move on with your lives.

Mahmoud Monday

TEHRAN, Iran– Mahmoud Ahmadinejad proposed on Monday a face-to-face debate with President Barack Obama at the United Nations if he is re-elected next month as Iran’s president.

But he balanced the offer with a sharp rebuke to Washington and its allies over Iran’s nuclear program. He reiterated that Iran would never abandon its advances in uranium enrichment in exchange for offers of easing sanctions or other economic incentives.

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The nuclear issue “is closed,” he told a news conference.

In other words, he’s done talking about it, don’t bother asking him questions, and just move on with your lives.

His offer of to debate Obama could also be campaign posturing before the June 12 vote. But it does put Ahmadinejad on record as supporting a potentially groundbreaking encounter following Obama’s offer for dialogue.

Ahmadinejad said that, if re-elected, he would be open to “debate global issues as well as world peace and security” during the U.N. General Assembly in September.

There was no immediate reaction from Washington.

It would be interesting to watch Mr. No Preconditions debate Mahmoud, wouldn’t it? I’m rather torn. I’m not sure who I would rather see get mopped up. I’d hate to see POTUS lose to a tinpot dictator, but, on the flip side, I wouldn’t mind seeing Barack Obama taken down a peg. He is not Jimmy Carter. It took Carter several years to “create the image of the U.S. as a confused and soft power.” Obama being able to do it within months is a record that no president will ever be able to touch.

Maybe Obama will be able to practice some of that Winnie The Pooh foreign policy.

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