Iraq Is Just The Next Step

Iraq Is Just The Next Step: This story suggest that we’re going to hit Iraq in November. It’s possible that may be true but since it’s coming from an unnamed source and since I think it’s highly unlikely that we’ve given Israel a date this far in advance I’d take this report with a grain of salt.

However, there is another quote in the article that largely mirrors what I said in my “best case scenario” post and this one comes with a name attached…

“Yuval Steinetz, chairman of the Knesset subcommittee on military doctrine, said he held talks with senior Pentagon officials in June regarding Washington’s vision of a post-Saddam Middle East. Steinetz said Washington envisions a new order in the Middle East after Saddam is toppled and a democratic regime is installed.

“Iraq is the key but not the last stop [in the U.S. effort],” Steinetz said. “It is the first stop. After that there will be massive [U.S.] pressure on Syria and Iran to halt weapons of mass destruction programs and Syria’s occupation of Lebanon.”

When he says “massive [U.S.] pressure” he means the type of pressure caused by having US tanks and planes massing on your border while US diplomats ask you whether you’d prefer to cooperate or see the business end of a cruise missile up close. Like I’ve been saying all along, Iraq isn’t the end game, it’s just the next step.

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