Is Mitt Romney A Jerk For Saving People’s Lives?

Is Mitt Romney A Jerk For Saving People’s Lives?: Remember when Bill Frist stopped and helped some people who had been thrown from their vehicles? Frist may have saved lives, but some of the people at the Democratic Underground took the opportunity to bash Frist and claim that the whole thing was staged. I found the whole thing to be so ridiculous that I actually wrote it up in the ACPOTI section.

Well, now Mitt Romney & his sons helped “rescu(e)a family whose boat sank in Lake Winnipesaukee” and believe or not, there are actually Massachusetts Democrats taking the opportunity to publicly criticize him. Check out the quotes…

…“There are lots of people drowning in the commonwealth right now who would certainly welcome a rescue,” said Rep. Jay R. Kaufman (D-Lexington).

…But Rep. Paul Kujawski (D-Webster) said other governors would have been “condemned for leaving the state,” while Romney “seems to have privileges other governors haven’t.”

“Mitt Romney only chooses to run for office from Massachusetts – he doesn’t vacation here,” said Democratic Party spokeswoman Jane Lane.”

All of those snide comments were prompted by, “Romney and two of his sons (leaping) onto Jet Skis and pluck(ing) members of a New Jersey family and their dog out of dangerous waters Saturday night.”

Honestly, who do those Democrats think they’re impressing by taking shots like that at Romney given the circumstances? It makes them look small, petty, partisan, & undignified and I can’t imagine that those types of attacks would appeal to anyone except the most rabid partisans.

Unfortunately for the Democrats, they seem to have settled on a strategy of mad dog attacks on Republicans come hell or high water. But politically, that’s a mistake. A sophisticated politico knows when to “hug” his opponent on a winning issue or failing that, at least has the good sense to keep his mouth shut. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about from the article,

“Even some Democrats piled onto the kudos wagon. “When somebody’s drowning, we’re not Democrats or Republicans,” Rep. Eric T. Turkington (D-Falmouth) said. “I’m impressed that we have a governor who can do that kind of thing.”

Now, who sounds more likable, Eric T. Turkington or Jay ‘There are lots of people drowning in the commonwealth’ Kaufman whose quote was mentioned a little earlier in the post? Which one sounds more like a statesman and which one sounds like a “nattering nabob of negativism” who’d probably criticize fluffy kittens if Romney said he liked them?

Voters don’t like negativity & excessive partisan attacks from their government officials. I’m sure that those Massachusetts Democrats will get that message soon enough and I suspect the much of the Democratic Party will once again be taught that lesson at the ballot box in 2004.

***Update***: Hat tip to Betsy’s Page for finding this story.

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