Is Monsieur Kerry About To Join The Obama Admin?

In a story that might only amuse me – but, that is relatively easy, especially at 8am – it seems that Senator Waffles has a wee bit of a problem that puts him on the short list for people who are qualified to work in the Obama administration. The Washington Times has the exclusive, which will surely be ignored by most of the Credentialed Media

The Internal Revenue Service has filed a tax lien seeking more than $800,000 from Sen. John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign, escalating a dispute over payroll taxes that the lawmaker’s office blames on faulty government paperwork.

The episode has left a candidate who fell just a few percentage points short of winning the White House trying to convince the government’s tax collector that his campaign already paid the taxes and doesn’t owe any more.

The IRS filed the lien in the District of Columbia earlier this year, claiming that a previous attempt to collect the money was unsuccessful. “We have made a demand for payment of this liability, but it remains unpaid,” the tax filing stated.

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Hey, John, just remember, when it comes to the IRS, you are guilty until proven innocent.

Mr. Kerry’s office said the IRS claim is erroneous and that the campaign paid its taxes correctly in 2004 when the Massachusetts Democrat challenged President Bush and lost.

Nope, sorry, you’re still guilty, John. Perhaps you’d be interested in supporting the Fair Tax now?

So, taking the IRS position, which is that The Poodle is guilty, what position does he take in the Obama admin?

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