Is Swine Flu the Next SARS?

Everyone remember SARS, short for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome? I do, and at the time I recall telling everyone that it was nothing other than a severe overreaction. I was proven right back then; SARS turned out to be scaremongering over nothing.

This insanity with the Swine Flu is likely to lead to the same result as SARS: The media will bombard us with three weeks worth of coverage of the Swine Flu and then everyone will forget about it as if nothing happened.

This is not to say that the Swine Flu couldn’t result in a worldwide emergency. But, if one simply looks at the number of hours the media is covering Swine Flu, one would think 100,000s of people have died already.

I watched CNN this morning spend a full hour telling us that 40 people in America have contracted the disease over the last 7 days. The fact of the matter is that there are 9 drowning deaths per day on average, meaning that statistically more people have drowned in America this week than have contracted Swine Flu. Yet, we do not have CNN spending a full hour covering drowning deaths in America.

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It is possible that in one week I’ll have egg all over my face if thousands of people contract the disease. But, when less than 100 catch it by the end of May, don’t expect the media to apologize. Just thought I would give you some perspective.

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