Is There Anybody In The Obama Administration That’s Not Breaking The Law Somehow?

Fresh off of getting enmeshed in the Blago pay-for-play Senate seat scandal, Rahm Emanuel is breaking DC zoning laws,

Rahm Emanuel, Barack Obama’s right-hand man, lives in a basement apartment on Capitol Hill rented to him by Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro. Just one problem: He’s not allowed to live there.

That’s what private investigator Joseph Culligan discovered after asking questions of D.C. officials. A zoning administrator responded to Culligan’s inquiry and told him that DeLauro’s house at 816 E. Capitol St. NE was listed as a single-family dwelling, and as such, could not be rented out.

You may say, “hey, it’s just a zoning law. Big deal.” But, who pushes these ridiculous regulations on the rest of America? Democrats. Then, who just simply ignores the very same laws when they find them inconvenient? Democrats. It’s hypocritical.

Moreover, isn’t it a conflict of interest for an Obama employee to be illegally renting an apartment from a Democratic member of Congress?

Maybe Obama can create a government program to give free housing to his aides at taxpayer expense and he can fund it with all the back taxes the DC Democrats are finally paying now that they’ve gotten caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Sure it would be a waste of money, but is there anything these guys want to do that isn’t?

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