Isn’t Time For Us To Stop Discriminating Based On Race In America?

Via The Corner, we get a story about a blatantly discriminatory practice that doesn’t belong in this century,

The Oregon Department of Transportation is facing criticism over an effort to give more work to specific groups of minority contractors.

A $30 million project to add a lane to Highway 217 in Washington County is the first to include requirements for hiring African-American and Asian-American contractors. In years past, ODOT did not specify which minority groups needed to receive state contracts.

That has some contractors fuming.

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“If you’re a minority, you’re a minority. There’s no classifications,” said Gene Nelson, owner of Forest Grove-based Sundown Electric Co., a Native American-owned electrical contractor specializing in highway construction projects. “We are now a minority that is being discriminated against.”

So, you’ve got a native American who owns a company complaining that he may get discriminated against based on his skin color — just like the white people.

Handing out government contracts based on skin color instead of ability is morally despicable, an obvious contradiction of the 14th Amendment (“equal protection of the laws”), and it’s un-American.

The conservative movement and the Republican Party should unconditionally oppose any and all provisions that discriminate against American citizens based on the color of their skin — and if Obama believes anything he said about creating a post-racial America, he would agree one hundred percent.

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